Westklink Services originated in 2016 with five principals dedicated to integrity and excellence in education and migration consulting.

  • Short term hardship vs long term comfort
  • Linking education to build the future
  • Skills for planning to set a target
  • Learn, grow and be teachable
  • Grow yourself first then helped others

Through gaining experience in various fields, our team is able to identify the best opportunities to our students and clients by searching the best available courses in the most renowned institutions and universities.

Why choose us

Choosing a right education is a very difficult decision to many students.
Westlink Education and Visa Services is established based on the motto of
“professional service and ethical practice” in the areas of education and
migration in Australia.

With a demand of quality education, we established the
Sajha Educational Consultancy company in 2014. From 2017, Westlink
Education and Visa Services started to operate as a trading business name of
the company.

We set ourselves with the advanced service level with
knowledge of Australian education and migration system to guide many people
to get their destinations. We assist people in many ways.

Our mission

“A journey of thousand miles begins with one step”, as stated by Lao Tzu, we
started our journey from a small office focusing on quality service right from
the beginning. We always aim to produce the best result to our clients even
from the least available resources. We, being an education and migration
service provider, do have enormous responsibility to the decision-making
process of people especially to young students. Westlink Education and Visa
Services stands for ethical practice and professional guidance to choose the
right pathways in education and migration sector in Australia.

Our mission is to establish the proper platform to many students who are not
confident enough to decide their future educations and careers. Westlink
Education and Visa Services plan the strategic approach to link the education
to build the client’s future.

Our experience

Education Counselling 87%
Migration Counselling 75%
Visa Processing 63%
Skill Assessment 50%

Our team

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